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my aegisub scripts

Karaoke 1sec adjust lead-in

Adds a {\k100} at the beginning of your line so your line appears 1s earlier (and people will be able to sing).


Launch the Mugenizer and it will remove our lead-ins, change the font to Arial and add mugen's karaoke script.
Then in "Automation" you can run "Apply karaoke template" and you're ready to submit your karaoke to Mugen.

PS: Maybe you'll still have to change the color of your subs, or change how the english words are written (like DOA → DOOR).

Split karaoke line

Splits a karaoke line where the {split} marker is set while keeping timing of the karaoke intact. In other words, it does what you expected the split function to do in a karaoke.

Duetto Meika

This macro lets you change the style used in a line without having to put the tags manually.

So if I've defined the styles Chris and Hibiki (with their own colors) in my subtitles the following line:

shimese {s:Chris}atsuki yume no {s:Hibiki}makuake wo


shimese {\c&H003D45FF&\3c&H00020261&\4c&H00020261&}atsuki yume no {\c&H002092FD&\3c&H00003364&\4c&H00003364&}makuake wo

Deduetto Meika

Replace inline color and font tags by a style tag that Duetto Meika understands. If the style doesn't exist this macro will create a new style.

So you can use it if you used Duetto Meika and now you would like to change the style because you can't make up your mind, or you want to remove inline styles in a script that somehow ended up with a bunch of them (in this case, run this script, set the lines style to the new styles that the macro created and run Duetto Meika again)


Replace kf, ko and K tags by plain k tags