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install terminfo with st
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Skeleton Overlay

This is a "skeleton" overlay -- an empty overlay to use as the starting point
for collaborating with Funtoo Linux. To start using the overlay, perform the
following steps:

1. Review COPYRIGHT.txt and LICENSE.txt. What is provide are reasonable defaults,
using the GNU General Public License Version 2. If you are using existing ebuilds from
Gentoo Linux and/or Funtoo LInux, then the copyright information is probably
accurate. Otherwise, you will want to change the copyright notice to read:


Copyright 2014 Firstname Lastname. Distributed under the terms of the GNU
General Public License version 2.

2. Modify ``profiles/repo_name`` and enter a single-word name for your repository.

3. Modify this README.rst file to accurately reflect how to contribute. You should
be able to remove this top part and simply use what follows it as a template.

4. Add ebuilds :)

How to Contribute to this Overlay

:author: Daniel Robbins
:language: English

Greetings GitHub Users!


To contribute bug reports for this overlay, you can open up a GitHub issue or send
me a pull request.

If you are using ebuilds in this overlay as part of Funtoo Linux (because they are
merged into the main Funtoo Linux Portage tree, for example,) then
please also open an issue at ``_.